Friday, 22 May 2015


I think Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities of Scotland. There you can find a lot of famous monuments, like Walter Scott monument. If you go there, you should visit the Old Town, I think it is the best place in Edinburgh and here you can find many souvenirs.The worst thing is the weather, I think the best season to go is summer.
Cristina Ocejo Arce 1ºBachilleraro A


Last month we went to Edinburgh for three days and we slept in a youth hostel.
At the beginning it was so strange to sleep in a kind of church because it also smelt like a church to me. Anyway, although our room was so little I enjoyed the youth hostel.
We visited places such as Edinburgh Castle, Walter Scott Monument,the Old town and so on under the rain,the sun and the snow without forgetting the cold. We also did a "scary" Ghost Tour that taught us about things that had taken place in Edinburgh.
It was the first time I went abroad on my own and it was such a nice experience.
The thing I enjoyed the most was being with my friends while I had a good time taking photos and seeing the differences between my country and Edinburgh.
The thing I didn't like was the plane because I'm so afraid of flying and I only take a plane if I really need it.
I hope we come back another time.
Andrea Madrazo Lavín 1º Bachillerato C


I have discovered that Edinburgh is a very cold city but I think it's wonderful. We have visited many monuments on this trip and some of my favourites are the Walter Scott Monument and the Edinburgh Castle. We have also done a great ghost tour in which a girl told us scary stories. At first, I thought that the hostel was going to be horrible but when we arrived there I completely changed my opinion. It was beautiful because it looked like a church but its walls were painted with different colours and the people there were very friendly with us. In short, it was a magnific trip and I have really enjoyed it so I will come back if I have another chance.
Alba Pacho Sánchez 1º Bachillerato C


I enjoyed the trip a lot because I think that Edinburgh is a really nice city. We saw many important monuments and museums. I also really liked the people in there. Unfortunately, the weather was against us because it was very very cold.
Deva Márquez Calderón. 1ºBachillerato C


At the end of March we went to Edinburgh. The city is divided in the New Town and the Old Town by the castle of Edinburgh and we saw how different was at those years and nowadays.The weather was always cold and another problem was that the shops closed very early. But I enjoyed a lot because people were friendly and polite and we met a lot of people from Spain.
Natalia Cabarga Bravo, 1ºBachillerato A

St. George's Day


Once upon a time there was a brave knight called George who travelled around the world on his horse across many lands and has loads of exciting adventures.
One day he arrived at a tiny village and met a man who lived next to the village. This man told him that the people in the village were very scared because awful things were happening there.
A terrible dragon had come to live in the lake near the village and attacked the villagers every night. The villagers were desesperate and didn't know what to do.
They gave the dragon their food, but the dragon ate the food and continued to attack them.
Then, they gave the dragon all their farm animals, but the dragon took them and continued to attack them.
After that, they gave the dragon all their jewels and gold, but the dragon took all their money and continued to attack them.
Finally, the king sent his army to capture the dragon, but the dragon was too fierce and the soldiers were too scared, so they ran away.
The king then sent his only daughter, the princess, to wait for the dragon by the lake.
But when George heard that, he rode to the lake as fast as he could.
Just when the dragon was going to eat the princess, George fought the dragon with his sword and killed it.
Fernando Quintana 1º Bachillerato C 


Once upon a time there was a lazy, ugly, drunk farmer called George who was hated by everybody in the village. One day he went to the village square and he realised that something was happening. A dinosaur had come to live to the mountains near the village and was attacking the villagers.
The king sent a knight to kill the dinosaur but it was too fierce and kill the knight. So the king's daughter, who was very brave, went to ther mountains to capture the dinoasur but the dinosaur was the one who captured her.
The farmer was going up the mountains when he heard a woman shouting so, despite of being drunk and very lazy, he decided to go to see what was happening. He found the princess and fought the dinosaur to save the princess and to be recognised as a hero among the villagers.
In the end, the princess fell in love with George and the king had to accept him as his son in law.
Vanessa Cruz, Nuria González and Cristina Ocejo 1º Bachillerato

George was a leprechaun and he could transform himself into  another person, animal or thing. One day he decided to transform himself into a dragon and scare the villagers. He captured the princess because he was in love with her. At the same time the king decided to give the dragon all the jewellery of the village to rescue the princess. But George ran away with the princess and the gold and he started a new life with her.

Adrián Isla, Natalia Cabarga, Alba Pacho and Minaya Saro 1º Bachillerato

Once upon a time there was a unicorn called Charlie. He lived in a cave in " Los Alpes". He wanted to take revenge because a long time ago the king and the queen had stolen his children to take them to war. After the war they killed them because if you drank their blood you became immortal. One day , the unicorn decided to go to the palace to kill the king and queen but during the way,George,an adventurous man,killed Charlie with his sword.
Finally,the king and queen pleased him and let him marry their daughter,Herminia.
Ana Manteca, Andrea Madrazo, Leopoldo Quintana and Sandra Gutiérrez 1º Bachillerato

Once upon a time there was a princess called Visitación who liked eating so many pancakes. One day she escaped from the castle because her father had prohibited her to go out. While she was walking, she saw a knight attacking a dragon. Then she rescued the dragon and she killed the knight. The princess and the dragon fell in love and one year later they tied the knot. The king and the queen didn´t accept their relationship, so the couple went to Seville to run away from them. The king and the queen discovered where they were and they tried to separate the couple. To defend his wife, the dragon attacked the  princess` parents burning his mother-in-law´s hair. Finally,the dragon went to prison until the end of his life. Visitación died because of the pain.

Deva Márquez,  Zoe Urcola,  María Barrero and Fernando Quintana 1º Bachillerato